Comic Book Releases for July 8, 2009

Another week, another set of exciting comic book releases! This week once again brings several new titles, series, and events! Let's jump right in! Dark Horse Comics expands the Hellboy universe a bit more this week, releasing B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1, a new story focusing on our team of supernatural investigators, this time dealing with the after effects of a vampire on the loose at the end of World War II. Image Comics releases the trade paperback of Back to Brooklyn this week. The Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti penned series is finally collected here, and fans of gritty drama and crime should pick this one up! The Darkness returns this week with issue #78, and be sure to look for Elephantmen War Toys: Yvette, a one shot focusing on one of the popular characters from the War Toys miniseries.

For DC Comics, Blackest Night continues to ramp up, this week in the pages of Green Lantern #43 as the first Black Lantern takes flight. DC also has big plans for nostalgia buffs, as they release the first of their Wednesday Comics series. For the next twelve weeks, DC will release this giant sized feature that mirrors the Sunday comic strip experience, featuring several big characters! Four color action and adventure lie in store! Superman: World of New Krypton #5 promises to be the springboard into the Codename: Patriot story starting in the Superman books next month. Also on Wednesday, one of DC's most iconic Western heroes, Bat Lash, will see his adventures ride again in Showcase: Bat Lash, an over 200 page collection of stories featuring him over the years.


Marvel has plenty in store for X-Men fans this week, with the first issue of Dark X-Men: The Beginning debuting. The short series will focus on how each member of the new, Emma Frost led team of X-Men came to be a part of the group. Also premiering Wednesday is Uncanny X-Men First Class, which will focus on the early adventures of the new team of X-Men introduced in the 1970's, such as Storm, Banshee and of course Wolverine. Vampire hunter Anita Blake returns to action with Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse Necromancer #3. Also look for wedding day misadventures and villainy in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 36! Boom! Studios is having an "un" week with the release of both Unthinkable #3 and The Unknown #3. Mark Waid keeps his fingers in several pies at Boom with his writing duties on The Unknown once again on display this week! Keep up the reading! There's certainly plenty to keep you glued to your seat, and possibly jumping out of it, this week!