Comic-Con 2012: Five Things We Learned From the Marvel Studios Panel

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.com's coverage of the Marvel Studios Presents Iron Man 3 panel here at the San Diego Comic-Con International was so harried that it was difficult to really absorb some of the information that was going by. In the last moments before we head onto the floor for the final day of SDCC coverage, though, we decided to give you a bird's-eye view of the presentation. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is real, and we know what version of the team Influenced by the Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning version of the team, the Guardians of the Galaxy will feature Rocket Raccoon, Draxx the Destroyer and other characters associated with that version of the Guardians. The concept art looks unassailably cool, although obviously so did the painted covers that the comic often boasted and the real issue isn't whether it looks good in principle, it's whether they can execute. And the talking raccoon does make that a tricky proposition. Captain America The Winter Soldier LogoCaptain America 2 has a title...and maybe a story? Admit it: You assumed that the second Captain America movie would have something to do with the Winter Soldier storyline. I sure did! It's Ed Brubaker's award-winning run on the title is what made a Captain America seem more like it could be a real crowd-pleaser, and Winter Soldier is arguably the best new character created for the Captain America mythology in 20 years or more. Thor 2 has a title...and is filming now! We knew that Thor 2 would be filming soon; Tom Hiddleston told us as much in our interview with him. We didn't know that by the time we next saw the Marvel Studios crew, he would already be off in London, filming Thor 2: The Dark World.

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Ant-Man is moving forward It sounds like the delay is on Edgar Wright's side of the equation, but that the studio is so committed to the director that they're willing to wait on it. The "Terence Malick approach," though, is a high-risk, high-reward way of doing big-budget, fan-driven filmmaking. If it's great, everyone will think he's genius but if it isn't, fans might eat him alive for "wasting" the time. Ant-Man's costume is a take on a familiar one. I, for one, have always hoped that if we got an Ant-Man movie, it would be influenced by Robert Kirkman's Irredeemable Ant-Man series. While it's unlikely we'll have an egomaniacal jerk for the lead character (after all, who wants to step on Tony Stark's toes?), it'll be interesting to see whether Eric O'Grady might play a role in the film, or if they just decided his was the costume they liked.