Daredevil Goes Back to Basics For Film Reboot

Marvel's been in the business of relaunching, rebooting and retooling lately, and all that activity hasn't just been limited to their comic book franchises! The biggest news recently has been the collapse of the Spider-Man film franchise, with plans for a fourth installment of the Sam Raimi directed series now gone in favor of a reboot that will take Peter Parker back to his high school origins. Now it seems that another Marvel character is getting an overhaul. "The man without fear" himself, Daredevil, is going back to the drawing board, and a screenwriter and producer are already on board! David Scarpa, who wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster The Day the Earth Stood Still, will write the script for the reboot, and Peter Chernin will produce. The Ben Affleck starring film of 2003 received a lukewarm reception upon its release, and the Jennifer Garner led spinoff Elektra got an even poorer showing. The decision to reboot the franchise is a shrewd one, as Marvel-owned Disney will gain the rights to the films if studios already possessing rights to certain heroes don't keep progressing with film properties and adaptations. Will the remake stick to a similar theme as the first, with villains Bullseye and Kingpin being the main focus? A bigger question is who will be the star?