Does Daredevil Have A Captain America: Civil War Easter Egg?


A day after the release of Marvel's Daredevil, some fans are speculating that the series is already connected to the hugely-anticipated Captain America: Civil War.

It seems wildly unlikely, but that hasn't stopped it getting some attention on Reddit.

In a scene (pictured above), a poster features the caption "You don't need to reveal your identity to help solve violent crimes." Some fans have taken that to suggest that Daredevil might side with Captain America in the Civil War, which in the comics was a story that pitted Captain America against Iron Man after the latter supported a bill in Congress that would force superheroes to unmask and register with the government.

Probably more likely is that, yes, they're using it as a double entendre -- but about Daredevil himself, not another property. After all, in Marvel's cinematic universe, Daredevil is the first lead character who has used his mask to maintain his anonymity, rather than as part of their uniforms for government superhero employment.