Drew Goddard Reportedly Writing & Directing The Next "Spectacular" Spider-Man Film


Drew Goddard is now rumored to be writing and directing the next Spider-Man movie, said to be titled Spectacular Spider-Man. Apparently reworking the Sinister Six spinoff movie, that is now rumored to be scrapped, the film will star a teenage Spider-Man squaring off with the assembled might of the Sinister Six.

The report comes from the Latino Review, and says that all of Sony's previously in development Spider-Man spinoffs will be canned. Goddard will take over the new film, which will set Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and introduce the Sinister Six, and the possibility of a Sinister Six spinoff movie will be revisited later on down the line.

Another part of the rumor is that Spidey will audition for the Avengers by fighting Iron Man.

The report also addresses rumors that Dylan O'Brien will become the new Peter Parker, saying that the 23-year-old actor is already too old for Marvel. According to the report, fans shouldn't expect to hear anything anytime soon, as casting isn't scheduled to begin for a few months, in order for Sony and Marvel to have time to finalize the last details of their character sharing deal.


Keep in mind that this is not officially confirmed by Marvel, and is therefore still a rumor. Even if it is the plan at the moment, plenty could change by the time Sony and Marvel are ready to announce.