Fantastic Four: Five Things We Hope To See in Today's Trailer


The hour is finally upon us; Josh Trank's Fantastic Four will debut a trailer "tomorrow morning," according to reports (likely sometime between 9 a.m. and noon on the East Coast).

The film is not exactly highly-anticipated; there has been virtually no positivity about the film from anyone who doesn't stand to directly benefit from its success, and most fans are irate about any one of a number of seemingly bizarre or misguided things that the cast and crew have said along the way. Rumors have plagued the production almost from the start, with some insisting that director Josh Trank was fired in the early going, was locked out of the post-production process or will be fired from the sequel.

None of those appear to be true, at least according to sources close to the production, but certainly all that skepticism hasn't been kept at bay by a production that has released almost no official material just months ahead of the film's release. 

With a trailer dropping tomorrow, tonight we got our first look at just one member of the titular super-team...and not with his powers "turned on."

So...with next to no idea of what to expect here, what do we hope to see?


The costumes

We've seen what are apparently fairly accurate drawings of the costumes, based on the fact that shortly thereafter we got a picture of Michael B. Jordan wearing what looks an awful lot like one of the suits sketched.

But we want to see them all in the flesh, of course. Given the general sense of derision that the cast has had about the traditional superhero "tights," it's a reasonable request to want to see the suits up close to see what makes them so much better.


Doctor Doom

Look, this whole "Doom is a blogger" thing? That was really the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of people. How can you get some of that goodwill back? SHOW US DOOM, and MAKE HIM AWESOME.

Face it: Doctor Doom has an iconic and incredibly badass design. Somehow, though, nobody has managed to translate it to live-action just yet. Let's see what your Doom has going for him.


The Thing in action

Johnny, Reed and Sue all have powers that are actually fairly easy to translate to film, especially with a decent budget. For all their flaws, the previous Fantastic Four movies did a pretty good job with those.

But nobody has really been able to get Ben Grimm just right yet. 

The character can look alright from certain angles, but until we see him in action, and until we see that they've reall found a way to make him work, he'll be a source for concern.

It's very much like Marvel's The Avengers. Had The Hulk not worked, a lot of that movie would have fallen flat. Here, The Thing needs to work, or the whole thing will just feel cheap.

04.LatveriFantastic Four 2 storyboards by Darrin Denlingera01.throne room

A hint of the film's world and plot

What, exactly, is going on in this film? How can Doom possibly be a blogger? Why was it necessary to change the origin? What "unexpected" couple is there among the team? How much of the movie will actually feature characters with powers? In what way does The Fly play in? What will the film's tone be like?

None of these things are known at this point, and if we can get at least...a third to a half?...that'd be great. Having some idea of what kind of movie we're dealing with can't be that unreasonable to ask, can it?

Fantastic Four

Something fantastic

We don't mean quality-wise, although that would obviously be nice.

This is a property called the Fantastic Four and so far everything we've heard about the film is that it will be "grounded and gritty." Does nobody involved in the production realize what a colossal brain fart that sounds like? Why in God's name would you want to ground a film with Fantastic right there in the title?!


Show us something that vindicates the title. Show us something inspirational, something beautiful. Show us something that indicates somebody, on some level, gets the Fantastic Four.