Fantastic Four Join Marvel Cinematic Universe In Fan Made Trailer

Thanks to the video above, the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be more than a figment of our imaginations.

YouTube user Alex Luthor used footage from Marvel Studios films and previous Fantastic Four movies to combine the characters into one "Concept Trailer." The video, published on Friday, racked up more than 1,000 views in less than an hour of publishing. The trailer does, however, add new cast members to the mix as the Fantastic Four's heroes, using footage from non-comic book movies to create their transformations.

The video is narrated by Matthew McConaughey in character as Doctor Doom (though the voice is actually borrowed from Interstellar).

Ironically enough, the Human Torch scenes from previous films are performed by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan, who have both taken on new roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since their Fantastic Four films.


Marvel's first family will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon enough. With Disney's purchasing of Fox's film assets, both the Fantastic Four and X-Men characters will be integrated in the Marvel Studios-helmed cinematic world.

For now, a trio of X-Men films are on the way in 2018, as well as three Marvel Studios flicks including Avengers: Infinity War.