Guardians of the Galaxy: Could a Thor 2 Star Play Star-Lord?


There are still actors testing to play Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, in James Gunn's film adaptation of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. That is, one supposes, not all that surprising considering that we've heard from at least a couple of actors already who have tested before. What's new, here? Along with Jim Sturgess, who has long been rumored to be on Disney's shortlist for the role, Variety is reporting that former Chuck and current Thor: The Dark World star Zachary Levi is being considered to take on the Guardians lead. The entertainment news magazine reports that Jim Sturgess is the only previously-shortlisted actor currently under consideration for the coveted role, and that Levi has snuck in as a result of how pleased the studio is with his work on Thor: The Dark World. Of course, playing more than one role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems an odd path for Levi to take, but then he was the second actor to play Fandral, stepping in to replace Joshua Dallas, who played the role in the first Thor...after Levi couldn't do it due to his commitment to Chuck. If there's anybody who's replaceable in the Marvel movies, it's probably Fandral, although given remarks by Marvel's International Vice President about difficulties marketing the film, one has to wonder whether Marvel is simply already thinking there isn't as much of a future in the Thor films as their other franchises. At a recent merchandising presentation, Nigel Cook confessed that he is somewhat concerned that, despite devoting considerable resources to this film including the largest and most intricate sets yet for a Marvel Studios film, it may be overshadowed by Iron Man 3 next year. Marvel and Disney have long discussed the idea that their characters could be like James Bond, portrayed by a number of actors throughout their years onscreen. It may be that such a change only hasn't happened yet with top tier characters because the studio is so young, everyone is still under their initial contracts or contract extensions.