HuffyD45 Wins Bracket Buster


In a final result much closer than the real NCAA Tournament, HuffyD45 held off Melvin Fredrick by a point total of 134 to 131, to claim the first even championship in the Bracket Buster.

As Wolverine defeated Deadpool in the last of the fan votes, it pulled Fredrick from the middle of the pack to the No. 2 placement, but it was not enough to edge out the user who led going into the Super 16 and then the Final Four.

HuffyD45, who had three of four teams in the Final Four and both participants in the finals, said that he was tracking the event from the get-go but thought he was going to be edged in the end.

"I’m super excited cause I just checked my email and thought I lost cause I didn’t hear anything about the bracket," he said. "But I’m really excited that I won and shocked at the same time."

HuffyD45 crushed the tournament as he picked all but four correct results in the first round, and carried that over to just three incorrect winners in the second round. He followed that up with six of the final eight to boost his point total and increase his lead over the field going into the final weekend, where he had Deadpool defeating Wolverine in his finals.

His biggest upset pick nearly cost him as he went against Spider-Man, an eventual Final Four member, to lose in the second round to Green Arrow.

Where his closest competitor went wrong was with too many wild swings on upsets. Melvin Fredrick took Drizzt from Dungeons and Dragons to defeat The Joker in the first round, he also had X-O Manowar downing Darth Vader and Captain Reynolds bettering Rick Grimes in their respective first round pairings. Those three points cost him the championship.

HuffyD45 is a comics fan from Western Pennsylvania that has already survived a heart transplant despite just graduating from high school and has aspirations of joining the industry that fuels his fandom.

"I am writing a comic book about my heart transplant where I acquire super human abilities," he said. "I would love to share it with you."

He is being shipped a prize pack worth over $500. The prize pack includes an Infinity Gauntlet, Boba Fett travel suit case, a trio of Black Panther POP! figures, a $75 Fandango gift card, as well as a hoodie and t-shirt.

To view each of the quadrants, click the character name below to see how each of the final four members advanced:

Wolverine bettered Captain America, Goku, Kylo Ren and Master Chief.

Spider-Man knocked off Thor, Harry Potter, Green Arrow, and Grifter.


Deadpool had to go through Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, Godzilla, and Hellboy.

Black Panther beat out Superman, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, and Green Lantern.