'Inhumans' Star Talks Crossover With Marvel Cinematic Universe

A shake-up to Marvel Studios' release schedule took the Inhumans movie and transformed it into a television series. Still, the characters might crossover with others residing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if Auran actress Sonya Balmores' tease is any indication.

While the idea of a crossover with the Marvel Studios films seems to be outside of the realm of possibilities, Balmores does seem to be teasing a potential appearance on Agents of SHIELD in the interview above.

"I don't know anything about that but, I mean, Agents of SHIELD is gonna be right after us, so yeah," Balmores said. "We've got Inhumans, they've got NuHumans, I don't see that not being a possibility."

Agents of SHIELD has been using NuHumans characters in its story for a while, claiming their origin to be tied to Terrigenisis. As fans of the Inhumans characters know, Terrigenisis is heavily tied to their origins, as well.

Previously, a writer of Marvel's The Inhumans has teased the appearance of a NuHuman character on the Inhumans series.

As for whether or not the characters will appear on the big screen, the outlook is grim. The Netflix heroes and characters featured on Agents of SHIELD seem to have been ruled out for Marvel Studios' biggest ensemble film, Avengers: Infinity War. The Inhumans will likely fall into the same category.


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Marvel's The Inhumans premieres on Friday, September 29 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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