James Gunn Comments On Star-Lord's Walkman and Batteries (Yes, Really)


As part of a longer Facebook update addressing misconceptions around a recent podcast interview, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn addressed one of the recurring complaints about the film -- namely that Peter Quill's Walkman, batteries and Awesome Mix Tape should all have died years ago.

His response to the criticism -- levelled at the film most recently in today's Cinema Sins video -- was likely the same most fans had.

"I'm getting a lot of questions about the AA batteries in Quill's Walkman, and how Quill's Walkman can survive for so long," Gunn wrote. "GUYS, THEY HAVE THE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY TO TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT BETWEEN PLANETS, I think they can figure out an alternative power source for the Walkman, and they likely also have technology to slow the degradation to the tape and player. This seems obvious to me."

Most critics would likely argue that their complaints about the tape and player were tongue-in-cheek -- there was a video circulating online a while back that poked at what the tape would actually sound like after 26 years of near-continuous use, for instance, which acknowledged in its description that the movie was awesome and they were just having some fun playin with science. Still, enough people have apparently been bombarding Gunn's social media with questions about it over the last few months that he felt obliged to answer.

And apparently it's a pet peeve.

"I started watching it but had to roll my eyes and turn it off after the AA batteries thing," Gunn said of the Cinema Sins video released earlier today.

The meat of the Facebook update -- talking about confusion over his recent remarks about whether The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy would ever team up -- is pretty well-worn territory; Gunn has said several times that whatever he does know, he can't say, and so any headline that gives a definitive "yes" or "no" to that question is misleading.


You can read the full remarks at the link above.