Jessica Biel in the "Thor" Movie?


More casting rumors from the upcoming 2011 Marvel film Thor. Apparently, twenty-seven year old actress Jessica Biel is rumored to be playing a lead role in this adaptation of the Norse god of thunder and founding Avenger. Based on reports, Biel would be playing a "love interest" for Thor, which leads to two very distinct but intriguing possibilities for the film. Would Biel play The Enchantress, one of Thor's more intriguing, and certainly most seductive, adversaries, or will it be Sif, who in the comic book version of her character is a fierce warrior herself and known lover of Thor's? While Sif would be a call to the original Norse roots of the mythology surrounding the hero and his world, Enchantress would be a pure Marvel invention. If Biel does end up in the film she will join already announced male leads, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, god of mischief.