Marvel Comics Is A Top 10 Google+ Brand Page

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Congratulations to the Marvel Comics social media team, as they have made Marvel one of the top 10 brand pages on Google+. Zoomsphere recently released a ranking of the top brands on Google+, which revealed Marvel Comics to be ranked in the #7 position. Even though the new social network has only been officially allowing brand pages since early November, the Marvel Google+ page has already racked up over 97 thousand followers. This large follower count puts Marvel Comics ahead of such well-known brands as ESPN, Pepsi, and Ford. If Marvel were a sports team, they would be bigger than the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, and the Los Angeles Lakers. The only brand pages ahead of Marvel consist of three of Google's own brands, the well-known social media site Mashable, Coldplay, and H&M. The comic book industry has been quick to embrace Google+, as both Marvel and DC Comics were among the first to launch Google+ business pages. The DC Comics Google+ page currently ranks #106 among Google+ brand pages with over 9 thousand followers. If you want to keep up on the latest comic book industry news, then also be sure to follow's own Google+ page.