Marvel Releases Dark Horse Star Wars Back Catalog On The Marvel App & Comixology


While Marvel's all-original Star Wars comic series won't see release until next week, fans can now ready themselves with the galaxy far, far away's backlog of content.

That's because Star Wars Comic have finally debuted on comiXology, the comics industry's leading digital publisher, and the Marvel App. The Star Wars franchise had previously been unavailable on the digital platform when it's licensing rights were held by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse is one of the few major publishers that doesn't partner with comiXology, opting to use their own in-house digital platform instead. But, now that the comic book publishing rights to Star Wars  have fallen back to Marvel, who has a strong relationship with comiXology, Star Wars is finally available on the website and app. The Star Wars comics are also available on Marvel's digital comics app. 

comiXology and Marvel released 20+ different offerings on the digital storefront today, featuring content from Marvel's original Star Wars series from the 1970s and 1980s, and content originally published under Dark Horse Comics. As of now, comiXology and the Marvel App are only offering the various series through collected editions, with no option of purchasing individual issues. However, those could come later as Marvel and comiXology unroll their publishing strategy.

For the full list of available Star Wars comics, you can head here.


Marvel's first original Star Wars comic in almost thirty years, Star Wars #1, hits comic shops and digital platforms on January 14th.