Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Unveils Two More Characters at Comic-Con


Comic-Con 2009 will be ground zero for major announcements, previews, exclusive goodies and much more from all realms of entertainment. Some major items are already dropping! According to our friends at Newsarama, Marvel has unveiled two more characters for their upcoming, and highly touted, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and the names may be a bit surprising! Added to the list of playable characters will be Jean Grey and Gambit, both X-Men. A pre-Comic Con press event was the site for the reveal, where participants got a chance to play the game at a special preview booth, where the characters were noticed immediately by anyone playing. There were a limited number of characters available for play at the event, but the action from all reports was positive and fun. The game will center around the events of the Marvel Civil War, and players will get a wide berth in choosing which side of the registration act they and their heroes will fight on! Some other surprises may be in store in the form of downloadable content from Activision, and those fans who don't see the characters they were hoping for just yet should keep wishing and hoping! They may just get lucky!