Todd McFarlane Says If He Does Spawn & Spider-Man Crossover He Will Write And Draw It

Todd McFarlane says if he does a Spawn and Spider-Man crossover, he will be the one writing and drawing it. The topic of that wildly popular team-up got broached by Marvel’s Joe Quesada during his Mornin’ Warm Up on YouTube. The Creative Director had approached this very pairing with McFarlane back in the day, and fans still request it all the time. Well, for the Spawn creator, it’s not just as simple as reuniting the two. He would like to deliver a uniquely McFarlane book for the people requesting it. And that means the popular artist would be doing the writing, the penciling, and the inking on the title. For a lot of fans who grew up in the era where Spawn was an absolute hit, this must sound like a dream come true.

“Let me just tell you how this is going to work. I like you Joe, and I like a lot of people, but let me… I’m not gonna break [the fans’] hearts. I’m gonna tease them. Here would be my process of it. If McFarlane was to come back and do any work at Marvel, What’s the character that we think the fans want to see him draw? The answer, I think it’s obvious is Spider-Man. Right? They’ve been waiting a long time, they’ve been waiting decades, some of them,” he observed. “More than three decades now to go, ‘Oh my God, I want to see Spider-Man!’ I mean, that was the first time I did those two characters on the same page.”

“When I was drawing it, I was like, ‘Have I ever done this before?’ And it hit me like ’no.’ So they’re gonna want to see Spider-Man, not your Spider-Man Joe, the return of Todd after 30 years Spider-Man. Then I go, ‘So, even if we were tag-teaming, then I got to get somebody who knows how to draw a Spawn,” McFarlane continued. “Then I go through my rolodex and I go, ‘Who do I know that can draw a Spawn?’ I’m like God, that would be me again. So, I go okay, I can do that, and then I go okay, now we’ve got to do The clown. Okay, I invented The Clown. Who’s gonna be the bad guy? I gotta have some Venom in there, who can I get to draw Venom, maybe even created it, oh that would be me again.”

“I’m just saying, to do that crossover, if it ever happens, and I’m not saying it ever will. But, if it ever comes to be, then I will write it, pencil it, and ink it. It would be this Todd doing Spawn, Todd doing Spider-Man, and almagamating those two careers into one spot,” he expanded. “Stepping back and seeing if the fans care anything about it…Spawn/Spider-Man has to be a McFarlane book, because I’m just saying, if I’m a 16-year-old fan, what would I want? I’d want that.”

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