Spider-Man Takes On Avengers In Iron Spider Suit In Incredible Fan Animation

A new video published on YouTube sees Spider-Man going head to head with each of the major Avengers characters.

YouTube channel VS GAG released the video on Tuesday morning, showcasing the wallcrawler having a bout with Captain America, Iron Mn, the Hulk, and Thor. Through some cunning super hero moves and a few touches of luck, the Queens native manages to take out each of them!

The impressively animated video can be seen above, along with a live-action version of the filmmakers using audio from Spider-Man: Homecoming to create their own action sequence.

VS GAG has released several other Marvel-based animations, including "Iron Man vs Captain America vs Spider-Man." The video racked up nearly 60 million views. Then, Part 2 of the same fight was released in November of 2016, tallying over 50 million views now. To date, the VS GAG channel has released 13 videos, totalling more than 160 million views.


The characters appearing in the video above appear to be based on each Marvel character most recent appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man is wearing the suit revealed at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor and the Hulk sport their Thor: Ragnarok costumes, Iron Man appears to resemble the suit which showed up midway through Homecoming, and Captain America looks similar to Captain America: Civil War.

The next time each of the characters come together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be Avengers: Infinity War in May of 2018.