Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Five Big Storytelling Opportunities They Should Embrace

We know it’s true, now. Welcome to the MCU, Spidey!But while we’re all wondering where Peter [...]

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We know it's true, now. Welcome to the MCU, Spidey!

But while we're all wondering where Peter Parker is going to land first, let's take a moment to step back and see what the inclusion of Spider-Man might mean to the bigger MCU picture.


Jessica Drew: Spider-Woman has been firmly entrenched in the Avengers since November 2004, the actual release date of New Avengers #1 (cover-dated January 2005). With a long history in the Marvel Universe and associations with a number of characters, she's a natural character to lock into place as soon as possible. In fact, with her P.I. past, her connections to Hydra, and her membership on multiple Avengers squads, this is a character that could slide seamlessly between films and Netflix series.

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J. Jonah Jameson

Perhaps that most universally beloved aspect of the first Spider-Man films series was J.K. Simmon's take on J. Jonah Jameson. The character would now be available for background commentary in conceivably ANY MCU project. Need a moment of levity? Cut to Triple-J railing against vigilantes in Hell's Kitchen or the cost of post-alien-invasion clean-up. It's something we're used to in the comics and in animation; it's a logical piece to add.

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A newer but well-liked addition to the Marvel Universe in comics, this alternate Gwen Stacy with Spidey powers quickly became a fan favorite. If the Spidey section is open for business, why not work in a new angle while it's an ongoing topic of discussion?

I wonder if Emma Stone's available . . .


Venom . . . AGENT Venom

We know that Sony was hot to activate Venom in some form for films. How about the Agent Venom iteration? Here's a guy that's kicked around in a few books AND landed membership with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Actually, this is another one that's ripe for a Netflix take.

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Frankly, I'm not certain what the disposition of Morbius was in terms of Marvel rights. With Spidey on board for the MCU, I don't believe that there would be further question. But consider . . . Marvel would have him, Blade, Ghost Rider . . . I know that I keep going back to Netflix, but think about it. If a subset of street-level Marvel characters could be done in that fashion, why not a subset of Marvel's supernatural characters? And Morbius would be an interesting piece of that.


Runner-Up: Black Cat

...And probably sooner rather than later, don't you think?

All right; those are some of our notions. What about yours?