The Amazing Spider-Man Projected To Open at $125 Million


Early tracking has experts expecting Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man to make $125 million or more over the Independence Day holiday weekend following its July 3 release, according to a story at The Hollywood Reporter. If the movie meets those expectations (most summer blockbusters haven't this year), it will be the second-highest opening of the summer, behind The Avengers, and certainly one of the top three opening weekends all year long. THR reports that interest in the film is highest among males, with all age groups reporting a strong interest in seeing the film, but that women under 25 are tracking well, too. When Spider-Man 3 opened in 2007, it made just over $150 million in its first week and was, for a time, the largest three-day opening in cinema history. It now ranks #5, behind The Avengers, the final Harry Potter movie, The Dark Knight and The Hunger Games.