Thor Joins the Fray, Meets His Match in New Set Photos


The Daily Mail


is still taking photos from the set of Thor: The Dark World, and not only does it look like Thor has shown up, but he's got there with a serious case of "Mama Bear, somebody's been sleeping in my bed." Or, rather, someone's wearing his clothes. Whether it's a stunt double or not, the shot at right is so great that one hopes it's got a place in the film, or at least on the DVD extras. I'd love to know what he's saying, and imagine there'll be a caption contest coming soon. Complete with a lot of jokes about the cloned Thor from Civil War. The article also quotes Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor, a veteran of the HBO hit Game of Thrones, on what to expect from his version of Thor and why it is we're seeing everyone get so dirty this early in the production. "I love that sort of mythical element, that there was an organic real world there, and I think Asgard and Thor's ethereal universe could be injected with that. It could be more sort of tangible," said Taylor. "So more locations, less green screen. I think the Viking influence that that sort of world came from. It should feel tangible. It should exist more, instead of too shiny, clean, golden." Thor: The Dark World is filming now (obviously) in the U.K. and will be in theaters worldwide next November. The film stars Chris Hemsworth (pictured) as Thor, as well as Anthony Hopkins, Renee Russo, Tom Hiddleston and many more.