Thor: The Dark World to Kill [Spoiler]?

Multiple, anonymous sources are reporting that a major character will die in Thor: The Dark World, according to a Bleeding Cool report. In deference to the more spoiler-phobic among you, many of whom will likely have found this story via Facebook or search engines or some other means that will let you preview the text, we've inserted this paragraph to move the potential spoilers down the page a bit. Says the news and rumor site:

"A couple of good sources have echoed one big Thor 2 idea to me. It's nothing official, but the indications are clear and they've had the right vantage point to read them.... "One of our sources was 'pretty sure' it's going to be Odin who bites the dust, but we've talked it over and they're a 'little less sure' now."

Odin has, of course, died in the comics before, leading Thor to be the Lord of Asgard briefly, but he got better. With Loki back in Asgard, the warriors of the realm facing off against the Dark Elves and Thanos's weapon of choice squirreled away in Odin's personal armory, it does seem like a plausible enough scenario to see the Allfather go down at some point. Loki's redemption, something hinted at in various interviews, is something that's not entirely impossible to see coming out of the death of his dear old dad. "I am a son of Odin," he said in a video game tie-in to The Avengers, which took place following the events of Thor. "No one can take that from me." So how might he react if they did?