Thor: The Dark World - Yes, Loki's In It

Suddenly there seems to be a lot of discussion online about the roe of Loki in Thor: The Dark [...]

Suddenly there seems to be a lot of discussion online about the roe of Loki in Thor: The Dark World. We've known for a while that Tom Hiddleston would reprise his role as Thor's mischievous adoptive brother in the film, but there's been quite a bit of speculation as to what extent he'd be featured, whether he might be a good guy in the movie, and all manner of things. Today, a pair of prominent comics news sites are reporting on a tweet from Hiddleston that proves he's in Iceland, where they're filming the movie. "Sometimes the answer is to climb the nearest mountain and everything is better. Literally. Not a metaphor. #iceland"

That, coupled with an Icelandic newspaper story that identified him as being on-set and a photo tweeted by co-star Zachary Levi of him at an Icelandic Cafe (ironically named Loki), are giving the blogosphere all the evidence we need to report that he's not only in the film, but currently shooting with the rest of the cast. Although he doesn't say anything about what his character might actually be doing there...and that's pretty much in keeping with what Hiddleston has been doing for months now; back in May, when spoke to him about the (then-upcoming) Avengers movie, Hiddleston told us:

"I think where we take the character in Thor 2 will be really interesting because I haven't seen the script but I vaguely know the story and I wonder whether there's a glimmer of–I know that he'll have to answer for his crimes. I think Odin will have something to say about what happened in The Avengers. But I think Loki is constantly playing with his own unpredictability and I think that's why he's a master deceiver. So it could be…I'm just trying not to say too much, actually, but I think you'll be surprised by Loki's placement in Thor 2."