Today's Amazing Spider-Man Features Him Having Sex With Aunt May. Sort Of.


In today's issue of The Amazing Spider-Man -- #699 -- Peter Parker (trapped in Otto Octavius's body, per the twist ending of the last episode) is revived from the apparent death at the end of #698, as we all expected he would be. What we didn't expect is that he also flashes back to that period in time when Doctor Octopus was angling to marry Aunt May as part of a villainous scheme. More specifically, he flashes back to a pre-nuptial lovemaking by the happy couple. Wrinkly, potentially-incestuous lovemaking. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark. On the other hand, the idea that Peter has access to Doc Ock's memories seems like it could be used to get him out of the mess he's in by, I dunno, remembering what Octavius did to get there in the first place? Just a guess. Remember how, not that long ago, it was deemed a "bad idea" to intimate (in Mark Millar's Trouble miniseries) that Richard and May Parker had had an affair, which led to Peter's birth, and that Richard and Mary had merely raised the boy without ever telling him? Ah, simpler, more innocent times. Wait--simpler, more innocent times from the Kick-Ass guy? Stay classy, Marvel! Thanks (is that the right word? It feels like that can't possibly be the right word) to Bleeding Cool for the scan.