Uncanny X-Men #12 Review - Secrets, Lies, and Hellfire

Magneto is going to enormous lengths to keep his species alive, and that has led the powerful mutant to seek help in some rather unlikely places.

Uncanny X-Men #12 is the second installment of a new arc, so you will need to read issue #11 to have any semblance of what's going on.

Uncanny XMen 12 5
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Granted, anytime you're dealing with the Hellfire Club, the term "new reader friendly" tends to go out the window, but this is by far the easiest Hellfire story to pick up in quite some time.

Magneto views the Hellfire Club as a means to an end, and while the information he derives from his position there is important to the current plot, it isn't the most engaging element of the book. Like most X-Men books, the team members themselves continue to be the most engaging element, and Uncanny certainly has that in spades. The back and forth between Psylocke and Magneto, the oddly charming friendship between Creed and M, and the ticking time bomb that is Archangel are the centerpieces here.

"We die a lot. Let's do what we can to change that."

Even if its the not the strongest part, the plot still serves up a few noteworthy elements, like an excuse to feature Black Tom Cassidy (always entertaining) along with a glimpse into Magneto's long-term strategy for mutant survival. In a stellar splash page courtesy of artist Greg Land, Erik's grand plan involves a who's who of X-Men villains and heroes alike, including names like Mr. Sinister, Stryfe, Scarlet Witch, The Red Skull, and many others.

Uncanny XMen 12 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Land's artwork is always pleasing to the eye, but this latest issue isn't necessarily his strongest work, looking a bit rushed at times. His M and Sabretooth are superb, though, and the brief panels featuring Archangel are quite strong as well.

Overall, Uncanny X-Men #12 continues to build it's plot and does contain a few excellent character interactions. It has yet to really find that distinguishing element that sets it apart from Marvel's other X-Books, but hopefully, it will find that hook soon.

Rating 2 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Cullen Bunn

Penciled By: Greg Land


Inked By: Jay Leisten

Colored By: David Curiel