'Venom' Movie Provides New Look At Eddie's Apartment

The black and white marketing campaign for the upcoming Venom movie has now revealed a 360 degree look at Eddie Brock's apartment.

Posted in a panoramic form on Facebook, a photo taken by Tom Hardy on the set of Venom allows users to spin the camera around and check out the apartment. Of course, the view of the apartment is slightly obstructed by the cast and crew filling the room, including Tom Hardy's tattooed Eddie.

Check out the post from Venom's Facebook account below.

"Hard at work in Eddie's apartment," the post is captioned.

Like other images posted from Venom accounts, Tom Hardy appears to be wording the captions accompanying cryptic photos from the movie's set. Previously, a selfie of Hardy as Eddie on the couch in Eddie's apartment was tweeted to the Venom Twitter account with "Home." as the its caption.


Venom has added Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate, with actors like Scott Haze, Reid Scott, in talks, and Rogue One star Riz Ahmed rumored to play Carnage.

Venom will be in theaters on October 5th, 2018.