Woman Paints Insanely Detailed Super Hero Costumes On Her Body


You probably know Kay Pike's work, you just didn't know it was from her. That's because the artist is able to completely transform herself into a myriad of characters from beloved franchises via bodypainting, and the results are marvelous indeed.

I Painted a Lady Deadpool on https://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion yesterday! Very excited to see the new movie. This video has our favourite 4rth wall humour #deadpool is famous for. Ever since @lustredust https://www.facebook.com/LMMakeupArtist painted me as Lady Deadpool for @edmontonexpoofficial I've been itching to get back into character! I'm really very happy with this one! I used three lighting sources, one ambient white, one spotlight blue and and one pin-light yellow. I was doing a #speedrun paint so I could see how fast I can go after two months of practice, it only took 5 hours! I'm cereal! I had help in my #twitchtv stream, the chat was dictated to me so I could socialize with everyone without having to read and it took this level of paint (normally I would stream for 14 hours) down to a reasonable level! I had time to make balloon things for people and just play and hangout and feel good before a photo-shoot. My moderators were really helping too

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Kay uses a combination of photoshop digital work to get the look and colors locked down and then does the physical part with body paint. The highlight and shadowing work she does is what makes it so realistic, and then when she starts moving around it's like a comic come to life.

She's covered so many characters at this point, from Poison Ivy and Bizarro to Frieza and Captain Planet. You can catch the process live over on her Twitch channel, and you can see some of her other work over on her Instagram.


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