Save Up To 37% On Stephen King’s ‘It’

Over the weekend, Stephen King’s It broke the box office record for the opening of a horror film with a take of over $117 million. The movie has clearly struck a chord, and now's the best time to pick up the original novel.

(Photo: Amazon and Funko)

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Currently, Stephen King’s It can be purchased in paperback or hardcover on Amazon for 36 percent and 37 percent off respectively. The book has been selling like crazy thanks to the film, but you can still order It at a discount even if stock is depleted. Copies should be replenished quickly.

If the movie really got you in the Halloween spirit, you might want to creep yourself out even further with the new Pennywise Funko Pop figure. The standard figure is still available to order at the time of writing and is expected to ship this month. A red balloon variant is slated to hit Hot Topic in the coming days. We’ve also learned that NECA is working on a full line of It figures “and more” with a release scheduled for 2018.

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