'Accident Man' Exclusive Clip: Scott Adkins and Ashley Greene Run From a Mad Hitman With an Axe

Sony Pictures has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive clip of Accident Man, their upcoming action film.

The film follows Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins), a hitman whose specialty is making his kills appear like accidents. But when Mike's ex-girlfriend is killed in a mysterious way, he goes on a quest for revenge and answers.

The clip, which you can check out above, shows Mike and Charlie Adams (Ashley Greene) confronting each other. They are quickly interrupted by another hitman, Carnage Cliff (Ross O'Hennessy), who comes in wielding an axe.

Some will remember Accident Man as a 24-issue comic strip series, which was published in Toxic! magazine during the early 1990s. According to Adkins, who also co-wrote the film, bringing the story onto the big screen presented some unique challenges.

"We absolutely had to adapt it, because if you made the comic that I wanted to make into a movie, if you made it page for page, word for word, you'd have a film that's about 45 minutes long," Adkins told ComicBook.com. "We had to flesh it out. We changed some characters. We changed some character names. You start with a template, the comic, and then it becomes its own thing. You expand and you expand, and then you're only thinking about the script and the comic is almost a distant memory. You want it to be that way. You want to distance yourself from it."

But for those who are already familiar with the original Accident Man comic series (as well as the three-issue miniseries from Dark Horse), Adkins is hopeful that the adaptation will deliver.

"Any fans of the comic will see in the movie that there are some bits of the comic ripped straight out of the pages," Adkins continued. "Some stuff is exactly the same, and other stuff is quite different, but certainly the tone and the character, who he is in his essence, is the same. [Writer] Pat Mills did a great job, and was the reason why I loved the comic so much, so I didn't want to change too much of it. But we had to. Otherwise, it would have been a short movie."

Accident Man will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital tomorrow, February 6th. Check back tomorrow for ComicBook.com's exclusive interview with Scott Adkins.