The ‘Labyrinth’ Jareth Funko Pop Exclusive is Back in Stock


If you’re a Funko Pop collector and/or a fan of David Bowie’s work in Labyrinth, you’re going to want to jump on this exclusive figure ASAP. It sold out in the blink of an eye this past November when it was first released, but today it's finally back. Odds are it won't be back for long.

The standard version of the Jareth Funko Pop figure does not include a glittery costume. This version of Jareth does. Glitter Jareth is shinier. Glitter Jareth is better. Glitter Jareth is only available here while supplies last.


In other exclusive Funko news, collectors and Cuphead fans should head on over to ThinkGeek right away, for that is where they will find the Emerald City Comic Con exclusive Cuphead Cagney Carnation Pop figure.


ThinkGeek notes that they got their hands on "some" of the figures - no doubt thanks to the fact that the Cagney Carnation figure was an exclusive of their parent company GameStop. It doesn’t sound like they have a whole lot of figures to go around, so you might want to grab it here for $14.99 while you can. At the time of writing, these were running in the $25 - $30 range on eBay, so this is a rare opportunity to get one near the standard price. If you're a Cuphead fan, you can grab the rest of its Funko lineup right here.

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