Here's What Jamie Foxx Could Look Like As Spawn

Spawn is heading back to the big screen sometime in the near future, and new reports have suggested that Jamie Foxx has been offered the titular role in Todd McFarlane's film.

Foxx's name has been linked to the character to some time, so talks of an offer aren't very surprising. What everyone is buzzing about regarding these rumors however, is how Foxx could actually look if he were to portray the iconic Image Comics character.

Fortunately, renowned fan artist BossLogic has given everyone a glimpse of what Foxx could look like as Spawn, and the style is exactly what we'd all like to see in the movie, if he's given the role.

BossLogic did two different takes on the character, both of which you can find below.

The first image shows Foxx as the undead Al Simmons, who is the man beneath the Spawn mask. The second image is simply that character with the popular mask over his face, and it definitely looks like a style fans would appreciate.

Even if an A-list actor like Foxx takes on the titular role in the upcoming film, Spawn won't be the only featured character. According to That Hashtag Show, who first reported that Foxx had been offered the role, Spawn will heavily share the screen with the fan-favorite character Twitch Williams, one half of the Sam & Twitch duo.

"Foxx has yet to sign on for the role and his decision may ultimately be a major factor in how fast this project gets off the ground," the report says. "Should he, or another actor quickly take on the role, however, they’ll be sharing the spotlight with another lead."


At this time, there has been no confirmation as to whether or not Foxx will be taking the role, and the film does not currently have a release date. The start of production is contingent on who quickly the casting process is completed.

How do you feel about Foxx taking on the role of Spawn? Did BossLogic's iteration do the character justice? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!