'Making Fun: The Story of Funko' Documentary Coming to Netflix This Month

Odds are, you or someone you know has some sort of collection of Funko products. And now, you can soon find out how the company brings so much pop culture goodness to life.

Funko has officially announced the premiere date for their official documentary, Making Fun: The Story of Funko. After months of anticipation from fans, the film will officially debut on Netflix beginning on Thursday, May 24th.

The film was initially screened at the TCL Chinese Theatre earlier this year, before winning the Best Documentary Feature Film award at the 2018 San Diego Film Awards.

"From a small garage in Redmond, WA to the furthest corners of the earth, Funko's story is one that is centered around the fans and the global community that arose from their unique passion - a story that spans twenty years, full of joy, ambition, adversity, and...well...toys." The documentary's official website reads. "The Eddie Grace film crew spent two years traveling to dozens of locations around the globe, from Vietnam to NYC, Philippines to Everett, Washington, to meet and document the unique and diverse individuals who have shaped the story of Funko."

While it's unknown exactly what the documentary will present, it's pretty safe to assume that the project will focus on plenty of different corners of the nerd world. A look at the official IMDB page for Making Fun hints at plenty of star-studded cameos, including Kevin Smith, Tony Hawk, Jason David Frank, Robert Englund, and Jason David Frank.

Making Fun is just the latest Netflix property that takes fans inside the world of toy making, following the release of the docuseries The Toys That Made Us.


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Making Fun: The Story of Funko will debut on Netflix on May 24th.