You Can Find 'The Lost Boys' as Funko Pop Figures


The 30th anniversary of Joel Schumacher’s classic vampire film The Lost Boys came and went last year without any Funko Pops. Fortunately, this massive oversight has been corrected. Indeed, wave #1 of The Lost Boys Funko Pop figure lineup has been unveiled, and you can find pre-order links for the first three figures in the series below.

The Lost Boys Sam Emerson Pop! Vinyl Figure #614
The Lost Boys David with Noodles Pop! Vinyl Figure #615
The Lost Boys Michael Emerson Pop! Vinyl Figure #613

The standard lineup of figures are based on the characters played by Corey Him, Kiefer Sutherland, and Jason Patric. Naturally, that means there is a lot of room left for Funko to expand The Lost Boys collection with additional characters. That having been said, look for a limited edition 2-pack of The Frog Brothers (Edgar and Alan Frog) to hit the Funko shop in July. I simply won’t rest until they deliver a Pop figure of Nanook. It will be the perfect token to ward off evil.


The release of The Lost Boys Pop lineup reminds me of another classic film that recently got the Funko treatment. The baseball film The Sandlot celebrated its 25th anniversary in April, and Funko remembered. Clearly, Funko plays favorites with their children - though, in fairness, The Lost Boys can be described as "difficult".

The standard lineup of figures includes Scotty Smalls, "Benny the Jet," Squints, and Ham - all of which can be ordered right here. Needless to say, getting a Scotty Smalls figure is a must, if only as an outlet for your frustration. Boss getting on your nerves today? "You’re killing me Smalls!" Yes, Smalls will absorb all of your pain.


The Beast is a GameStop exclusive, and you might be able to find a 2-pack of Squints and Wendy Peffercorn at Target.

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