New 'Mortal Engines' Trailer Released

Mortal Engines has made its way to New York Comic Con, and it brought a new trailer in the process.

Universal Pictures recently debuted the latest trailer for their upcoming fantasy epic, which you can check out above!

Mortal Engines will follow a war-torn steampunk Earth, in which all major cities are mounted on wheels and move around the world. These "Traction Cities" hunt down and consume their smaller counterparts. The film will star Hugo Weaving as Thaddeus Valentine, Hera Hilmar as Hester Shaw, Robert Sheehan as Tom Natsworthy, and Stephen Lang as Shrike.

The film, which is based on Phillip Reeve's novel of the same name, has been in the works since 2009. But according to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson, who serves as a producer on the film, waiting for filmmaking technology to evolve was an integral part of the process.

"Certainly, digital CG people and digital doubles are the thing that has really clicked in the last few years," Jackson said in an interview earlier this year. "And I'm sure we'll be seeing quite a bit of that in some of the people I've shot on this film. Because this movie is the sort of scale that you can't really build sets. I mean, we're building as many sets as we can and we're building what we can but it's just such a... you know, having a city that's like a mile long on wheels and these massive... you just can't build anything [like] that this size."

"With miniatures, it's really... it's almost to the point where miniatures are more expensive than doing things on a computer," Jackson continued. "Plus, you know, with a miniature, you have to decide on your shot. You know you... you know, obviously you've got the shot and there's a miniature DP and you decide on what the camera move is, and you do it and that's your shot. So, I think the flexibility and the discovery of how, you know... of how to cover some piece of action with a visual camera is a great tool."


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Mortal Engines will be released on December 14th.