The First Trailer for 'Shrek Retold' Proves the Power of Fan Art

Fan recreations of popular films is a fairly common venture these days, but it's rare to see a full-blown collaboration that's so big and intense, it leads to 200 different people recreating an entire feature-length film.

In the case of 3GI Industries, they've chosen to put together a project of epic proportions: a fan-made recreation of Shrek. That's right, according to Io9, a new take on Shrek is coming to a computer near you.

Shrek Retold is a massive group effort, asking a question we didn't know we need answered: What happens when a vast number of Shrek fans with a wide range of creative talent comes together for an extreme exercise in editing?

The newly released trailer shows everything from live-action to animation with varying degrees of styles that ranges from professional quality to endearing homemade madness.

The project is helmed by 3GI, whose Youtube page describes them as "Professional Shrekheads, Enlightainers, Filmosophers. Also Official Nintendo Brand Ambassadors somehow." It seem they have a lot going on, but their true passion lies with the green ogre.

3GI Industries are also the folks behind Shrekfest, an event that is exactly what the name implies. According to Insider, the group created the festival after a fake Facebook event lead them to believe one already existed. They took matters into their own hands and have been the pioneers of the Shrek fandom ever since.

This isn't the first time we've seen a massive collaboration like this. Star Wars Uncut was an Internet sensation back in 2012, accomplishing the same feat the Shrek lovers are setting out to do.

Shrek came into our lives 17 years ago and has been a cultural phenomenon ever since. The film sparked three theatrical sequels, a Broadway musical, and various short films and specials.


Recently, it was announced that there would be a reboot of the franchise, although the creators are currently being tight-lipped about the details. There's no word on whether or not Mike Myers will return in the titular role. However, "reboot" implies the story will be taken in a completely new direction.

Shrek Retold can be viewed in full on November 29th, 2018.