'The Happytime Murders' Melissa McCarthy Gets Profane in Exclusive Deleted Scene

The raunchy puppets are coming to home video this week as Universal's The Happytime Murders is set for its Digital HD release on Tuesday, November 20th. To celebrate the occasion, ComicBook.com can exclusively reveal one of the film's deleted scenes, in which star Melissa McCarthy gets profane with a couple of other police officers at a crime scene.

You can watch the full scene in the video above!

The Happytime Murders is an R-rated puppet movie directed by the chairman of The Jim Henson Company, Brian Henson. The original trailers and promos for the film teased it as a more adult version of The Muppets. It stars Melissa McCarthy as Detective Connie Edwards, who teams up with her ex-partner, a puppet named Phil, to solve a string of crimes in Los Angeles.

Despite having the beloved Henson name attached, Happytime Murders was not a big hit with the critics. The film was reviewed over 200 times on Rotten Tomatoes and earned an overall score of 23 percent.

Those negative reviews likely bled over into ticket-buyers, because The Happytime Murders severely underperformed at the box office, both domestically and around the globe. Throughout its entire run, the film made just $27.5 globally, after a $9 million launch in North America. While making $27 million may sound like a lot, the film's budget was north of $40 million, making it a loss for Universal.

In addition to McCarthy, Happytime Murders stars Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie David Baker, and Ben Falcone. Both McCarthy and Falcone also served as producers. Henson directed with a screenplay from Todd Berger.


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The Happytime Murders arrives on Digital HD on November 19th, and on Blu-ray, DVD, and on demand on December 4th.