'Frozen 2': Did the Trailer Reveal Anna & Kristoff's Children?

Disney's surprise trailer for Frozen 2 shocked the Internet on Wednesday morning, quickly becoming the biggest trending topic on social media. Everyone had an instant reaction to the debut footage from the upcoming sequel, but soon after, the theories began.

Even though there were only two minutes of footage from Frozen 2, and it didn't even contain one word of dialogue, fans were able to come up with plenty of theories regarding the plot of the sequel. Of these theories, perhaps the most interesting centered around the two new characters who appeared in a very short scene halfway through the trailer.

Is it possible that these two children aren't a pair of adventurers that Elsa and the gang cross paths with, but rather some new additions to the royal family? Yeah, those could totally be Anna and Kristoff's kids.

frozen 2 characters
(Photo: Walt Disney Animation)

The Frozen 2 trailer showed the four main characters - Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf - exploring a completely foreign land. It's unclear exactly how they got there, but it seems as though they are having trouble getting back. There is clearly danger around just about every corner, keeping the group from making the sort of progress they want to make.

Let's take that idea one step further, shall we? What if the group never makes it back to Arendelle? Or, more likely, they discover that this new place is part of their expanded kingdom as well. This would cause at least part of the royal family to move away from the usual castle and take up residence in the fall landscapes of this territory.

As someone who lives off the land, this would be Kristoff's dream scenario. It would also give Anna a chance to rule alongside her big sister. It's honestly a dream scenario for the future of the characters, and this scene in the trailers could have been a flash forward scenario, giving us a glimpse at the life that arrives beyond the ending of the second movie.


Do you think these kids belong to Anna and Kristoff? Or are they just some new characters that happen to encounter Anna and Elsa on the road? Let us know in the comments!

Frozen 2 is set to hit theaters on November 22nd.