Funko Just Announced a Massive Wave of Classic 'Ghostbusters' Pop Figures


Funko is the the middle of an absolutely preposterous release schedule for New York Toy Fair 2019, but the lineup that they just announced for the classic Ghostbusters is one of the big stars of the show thus far.

There's a little bit of everything in here including Pop Keychains, PEZ, 5 Star figures, Pop Pens, and Mystery Minis, but you're really going to be interested in picking up the following items:

• Ghostbusters Fire Station Pop Town Building with Venkman Pop
• Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler vs Slimer Pop Movie Moment
• Slimer Pop Figure
• Library Ghost Pop Figure
• Dr. Peter Vekman Pop Figure
• Dr. Raymond Stantz Pop Figure
• Winston Zeddemore Pop Figure
• Dr. Egon Spengler Pop Figure

All of the items mentioned above will be available to pre-order right here at some point today, February 15th. Naturally, the items listed in bullet points are going to be super popular, so jump on them as soon as they go live. On that note, look for a translucent Slimer Pop figure to hit Walmart and a 10-inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to hit GameStop in the coming months.


While you're at it, head on over to our NY Toy Fair 2019 master list to see what other goodies Funko cooked up today.

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