'Hellboy' Post-Credits Scenes Explained

By now, it's practically a guarantee that a comic book movie is bound to have at least one scene in the credits and when it comes to Hellboy, the reboot is no different. In fact, the David Harbour-led movie has both a mid-credits scene and then another scene after the credits. Despite its shortcomings, Hellboy stuck pretty close to the source material, both character and plot-wise. There were a few sequences ripped straight from the comics and both of the credit scenes include characters that will instantly be recognizable to fans.

WARNING: Major spoilers for Hellboy up ahead! If you have yet to see the movie, proceed with caution.

The mid-credits scene shows Hellboy (Harbour) draped over the grave of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane). As he continues drinking his sorrows away, Hellboy is approached by the ghost of Lobster Johnson (Thomas Haden Church). Johnson reminds Big Red that he's simply won one of the battles in a never-ending war. The character first appeared earlier in the film, during Hellboy's origin scene.

The mid-credits scene, however, is the first time Hellboy and The Lobster meet, something that tickles Big Red's fancy as the pulp vigilante was the half-demon's favorite hero growing up.

After sitting through the slog of credits, fans are treated to another scene. This time, Baba Yaga is the only on-screen character. As she's furious Hellboy didn't live up to his end of the bargain of giving up his eye, Baba Yaga contracts someone to track down Big Red and steal the eye from him. Although Baba is the only character we see on-screen, we do hear the voice of whoever she's talking to off-screen.

In an eastern European accent, the person agrees to help Baba and be freed from his eternal living hell. Fans will instantly recognize the plot and realize the character is likely Koschei the Deathless, an undead human who's impossible to kill. In the comics, Koshchei is tasked with a similar task of hunting down Hellboy. Though Hellboy defeats Koschei, he voluntarily gives up his eye in a subsequent story in order to defeat Nimue, something the movie changed.

Hellboy is now in theaters.

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