Netflix Testing "Random Episode" Button With Certain Shows

Netflix is always looking for ways to not only improve its service but also get more eyes on its large library of content, and now the service teasing a new feature towards those ends. Netflix announced that it is teasing a random episode feature on a selection of shows, which would as expected launch a random episode from a season of television. Right now the feature is only being tested on the Android mobile app, but if it proves popular or successful you can expect it to be tested on some other platforms.

“We are testing the ability for members to play a random episode from different TV series on the Android mobile app,” a Netflix spokesperson told Variety. “These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent.”

The shows featured in this test include The Office, New Girl, Our Planet, and Arrested Development, which might seem like odd choices since some of them tell overarching stories throughout their season. To be fair though, they are self-contained enough to not really disrupt your enjoyment, and who knows, maybe this will lead to more people giving some classic shows a chance on the service.

Netflix Vice President of Product Todd Yellin said this is part of finding new ways for audiences to interact with shows at a recent press event. “How about anthologies? How about something like ‘Chef’s Table’?” Yellin said. “You don’t have to watch it in the order that we tell you to.”

Only a small number of these new features ever make it into the final product, so we'll see if this one proves popular with fans.

This isn't the only new avenue Netflix is pursuing, as they recently announced that they will start a new magazine currently going by the name Wide. The magazine is aiming to help spread the word about Netflix's vast amount of content amongst awards committees. That's why the first issue is being timed for June, the same time that the Television Academy votes on their Emmy nominations. Netflix released around 700 programs last year across all genres, and will probably release more this year, so any way to put their content in additional spotlights is welcome.

“In preparation for a groundbreaking year in film and television, Netflix has gathered some of the most talented and sought after writers and photographers, thinkers and creatives, to make the inaugural issue of Wide, the Netflix print journal,” Netflix said in an email.

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