Viral Tweet About Keanu Reeves Buying Ice Cream Will Melt Your Heart

With the recent release of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, a whole new era of conversation has popped up surrounding the franchise's star, Keanu Reeves. While the actor might be known for playing an array of action heroes on the big screen, a newly-surfaced anecdote has been the latest example of the actor's more sensitive size. Twitter user @James_Dator recently told a story of when the movie theater he worked at was visited by Reeves, and the exchange that ensued.

After initially getting star struck by Reeves' arrival, Dator offered to let the actor use his employee discount to see From Hell, which would have required him to sign a sheet a paper. Reeves politely declined, only to revisit Dator two minutes later, offering a receipt from the concessions stand that he had autographed. As Dator realized, Reeves appeared to buy something from the concession stand - an ice cream cone, which he then threw away - in order to have a piece of paper to sign for him.

Dator's anecdote, which has since gone viral since he shared it last week, is just one example of Reeves' delightful demeanor, with similar threads showcasing his habits at bookstores and his recipe for homemade popcorn. All in all, they prove that Reeves is just as - if not more - awesome offscreen as he is onscreen.


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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is now in theaters.