Mission: Impossible - Fallout Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Halo Jump Sequence Goes Viral

Mission: Impossible - Fallout left fans on the edge of their seats when it debuted last summer, in part thanks to the film's monumental action sequences. One of the most talked-about scenes is easily the film's "Halo Jump" sequence, which intensely follows Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill's characters jumping out of a plane -- and now we have a bit of insight into how that became a reality. A video shared by @mia_mali has recently made the rounds online on Twitter, which cuts together behind-the-scenes video of the Halo jump with the actual finished sequence.

Not only is the behind-the-scenes look incredibly impressive, but it arguably raises just as many questions as it answers about how the sequence actually came to fruition. (Namely: Who was the cameraman filming the cameraman who filmed the finished sequence?) But the short video, which has been viewed nearly three million times on Twitter, certainly showcases how dedicated the film's cast and crew were to making authentic action sequences.

“It was kind of like a really good opportunity,” Cavill explained in an interview with ComicBook's sister site, PopCulture.com. “When you have Tom there and he does his own stunts, the door’s open for you to do it yourself.”

“That’s kind of the fun of it,” co-star Simon Pegg added. "That’s what these films are about and I think that’s why it’s so exciting is because the audience knows that’s happening and there’s no trickery.”

The film's director, Christopher McQuarrie, says he was always looking for ways to make scenes and stunts more challenging.

“You wake up everyday thinking how can I do more, how can I push this farther," McQuarrie explained to PopCulture.com. "And we were confronting the material everyday, reinventing it every day. And a lot of times we would come to work not knowing what we were going to do that day.”

Thankfully, McQuarrie, Cruise, and company will soon have a chance to outdo themselves, as the director is returning to write and helm the next two films in the franchise.

"We couldn’t be more excited to build on the massive success of Mission: Impossible—Fallout by reteaming with Chris and Tom on these next two films, following two successful collaborations,” Paramount chairman Jim Gianopulos previously said in a statement. “We’ve also enjoyed a great partnership with Skydance and David Ellison on these three most recent films and look forward to continued success together on this great franchise.”


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The next two Mission: Impossible movies will be released on July 23, 2021, and August 5, 2022.