Knives Out Fan Notices an Amazing Detail About Christopher Plummer’s Portrait

Knives Out is the gift that keeps on giving! The Oscar-nominated Rian Johnson film is now available to own on Digital HD, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K (although, beware, because the Blu-ray slipcover secretly spoils the movie), which means people are starting to notice details they didn't catch when the film was still in theaters. Earlier this week, Johnson revealed that people have been e-mailing Marta Cabrera, the character played by Ana de Armas. The latest discovery comes from Twitter user, Lawrence Lasky, who noticed that the portrait of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) changes during the movie. The tweet has garnered a lot of attention and even made its way back to Johnson.

“I’ve seen the film several times, and I only just now learned that we see two different portraits of Harlan Thrombey in KNIVES OUT, with a much happier expression at the end,” @Larry_Lasky wrote. The tweet was shared by The Wibberleys (@dottiehudson), who are known for writing National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and Bad Boys 2. "Shut up. (@rianjohnson you genius.),” they wrote. Johnson liked their tweet and replied, “Oh you.” You can check out the differing portraits of Harlan in the tweet below:

Recently, it was officially announced that Knives Out would be getting a sort-of sequel. Johnson plans to create at least one more film starring Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, which will put the character in a whole new mystery. In fact, it could even establish an entire franchise. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Johnson spoke about the next Benoit Blanc film and his vision:


“In my mind, I don’t even think of it in terms of like a sequel… Ever since we started working on this I was like, look, if we can keep this going, the same way Agatha Christie wrote a bunch of Poirot novels. I mean, do that with Blanc and keep making more mysteries. Whole new cast, whole new location, whole new mystery. It’s just another Benoit Blanc mystery and it seems like there’s just so many different things you can do with it, you know? It seems like it’d be really fun.”

Knives Out is now available to own on Digital HD, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K (Amazon). Stay tuned for details on the Knives Out sequel.

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