2012 Super Bowl Movie Trailer Commercials Updated

Avengers Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2012

Back in January, Comicbook.com brought you a preview of the Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2012 that would be of high interest to comic book fans. The preview featured movie trailers that were rumored to be airing during Super Bowl XLVI. We also included some trailers that we wished were airing during the Super Bowl, but the studios involved were rumored to have not bought air time. Now, that most studios have come out and officially revealed what movie trailers they will be airing during the Super Bowl, we've updated our list. Not surprisingly, every single movie that we suspected would have a Super Bowl commercial turned out to be true. Unfortunately, barring any last minute surprises none of the non-rumored movies that we put on our wish list will be airing Super Bowl commercials. Here is an updated list of movie trailer commercials that will be airing during Super Bowl 2012 that should be of interest to comic book fans. Some of them have already released their full trailers, while others have only released sneak previews. During Super Bowl day, Comicbook.com will be posting reviews of all the actual trailer commercials. GI Joe 2: Retaliation

The full Super Bowl trailer for GI Joe 2: Retaliation is already online, and this sequel is going to be much better than the first film. The Avengers

How much are fans looking forward to new footage from The Avengers movie? So much that a ten second preview of The Avengers Super Bowl commercial has already gotten over 2.5 million views on YouTube. John Carter

If the fact that John Carter looks to be an awesome science fiction epic doesn't get people's attention, then the promotion that involves a code that fans can use to enter online for a chance to win tickets to next year's Super Bowl should. Battleship Not just a military movie about a board game, but it's also got aliens. A sneak preview for the Super Bowl commercial for Battleship also hypes the chance to win five years of free movie tickets through Fandango. The Hunger Games


One of the most anticipated movies of the year, based on a popular young adult novel. The Hunger Games Super Bowl movie trailer has already been revealed online, and it's a full minute commercial.