A Good Day To Die Hard Still Showcases McClane's Son


John McClane, the action hero at the center of the Die Hard series, apparently has a son. Frankly, I'd forgotten that, really only focusing on his daughter, who appeared in Live Free or Die Hard. She'll be back in this film, too, with Lucy once again portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but Entertainment Weekly has the first official set photo from the new movie, which sees John and Jack (his son) onscreen together for the first time at least since Jack grew up, a scene that takes place in the upcoming sequel A Good Day to Die Hard. Oh, and they're together in Russia. "That's the thing about the Die Hard franchise, John's always a fish out of water," Jai Courtney, who plays Jack, told Entertainment Weekly. "What could be further out of water for him than Russia?" It feels a bit like pandering the '80s feel of the original films, but of course that seems to be the stock-in-trade of the last few years. Prior to the last little while, how long had it been since people were screaming "socialist!" at politicians they didn't like, after all? Of course, there's also the matter of McClane's long-established sour relationships with everyone in his family to contend with, something that Courtney confirms will carry over to the new film, and to the father and son dynamic. "The relationship isn't always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some time. John likes to wing it, see what happens. Jack's more of a strategist." A Good Day to Die Hard will be in theaters February 14, 2013.