A Justice League Movie at Last? Warner Bros. Supposedly Moving Forward

There are fewer and fewer mythical beasts still left in our world that science or some other [...]

There are fewer and fewer mythical beasts still left in our world that science or some other medium hasn't already exposed or explained away to us.  The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, chupacabras come to mind, but how about that elusive creature that we've heard about so much the past few years, the long-desired movie adaptation of DC Comics' flagship super team, the Justice League?  Well, since speculation has been the name of the game with this on again, off again film, let's throw a little more current information into this loop, shall we?  It appears that Warner Bros. may be moving forward with the film after all, as news begins to surface through several sources about recent discussions that have Geoff Johns executive producing the film, which will be distributed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. According to Cosmic Book News and other outlets, the film looks to be headed for a 2015/2016 release, which would allow time for next year's The Dark Knight Rises as well as the upcoming new Superman film, Man of Steel and a sequel to the somewhat disappointing Ryan Reynolds starring Green Lantern.  David Goyer, the screenwriter for Man of Steel , is rumored to be writing the script for this particular film.  Early news indicates that Chris Nolan is desired as a creative voice in some capacity, but don't look for Christian Bale to be starring as Batman.  News also suggests that the Green Lantern sequel, which will feature Sinestro as the main villain, will be used to help begin the idea of a "shared universe" in order to make the Justice League film more of a buildup based on these first films.  Much in the same way Marvel has used their more recent films such as Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to set up 2012's The Avengers, the same philosophy is working at DC, although DC claims to not be paying attention to what Marvel is doing or their timeline. We'll keep you posted here as best we can!