Adam McKay Passes On Ant-Man Movie

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While Marvel Studios never officially announced Adam McKay as the director for the new Ant-Man movie, the Hollywood trade press pretty much declared the job his late last night. However, this morning, the Hollywood trade press is singing a different tune. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Adam McKay has pulled out of the running to direct Ant-Man. The decision to pass on the Ant-Man project was reportedly his alone, which certainly makes it sound like Marvel Studios really wanted him, but he just said, "No." Edgar Wright was originally the director of Ant-Man, but he and Marvel Studios parted ways just last week over differences in their vision of the film. Marvel Studios has indicated that they don't plan to delay the release date of the film, which means they have to move fast to find a new director. Ant-Man is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.