Adele and Captain America: Civil War Trailer Mash-up is Tumblr Shipper Gold


If you visit the viral blog website Tumblr at all, you know that there are a lot of gifs and a lot of "shipping," where fans pair up two characters, likely or unlikely, in relationships. Due to the very personal nature of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, there have been a lot of posts either pairing Captain America and Bucky Barnes or Cap and Iron Man. It's been called a "great love triangle," and there has been some... interesting fan art.

Well, this version of the trailer, created by Anthony Meadows, should sure get people going. We should note, Meadows apologized for the hasty sound effects, saying, "Sorry for the not very dense SFX, kinda just tossed this together in like an hour."

The trailer is presented in full, uncut from how Marvel Studios released it, with one major change: Adele's "Hello" is playing as the soundtrack to it. The song, about searching and trying to get in touch with a lost love, completely changes (or is it enhances, amirite shippers?) the tone of the trailer, making it completely about the romance. It also makes it so funny, you're likely to be laughing yourself into tears in about two minutes here.


No matter if you actually think the trailer had some "bromantic" tendencies, this version is a couple minutes well-spent. Can't wait for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice done to Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" (oh man, someone please make that).