Amazing Spider-Man 2: First Look At The Rhino?

0commentsPaul Giamatti as The Rhino

Yesterday, Amazing Spider-Man 2 filmed a big car chase scene in Rochester, New York. We posted a video that showed a fleet of police cars chasing a semi-trailer tow truck that was pulling an Oscorp armored car. However, the most interesting thing might be who was driving that getaway truck. SevenWebHeads posted a video that shows an image of the driver, who they believe is the Rhino. The stunt driver appears to be wearing a Paul Giamatti mask. While there is no Rhino costume or horn, there are some indication the stunt driver is supposed to be Russian. Could Amazing Spider-Man 2 be going with a basic thug look for the Rhino? Our guess is that it's probably Aleksei Sytsevich before he becomes the Rhino. Or maybe the Rhino costume will be added through CGI? After all, it's hard to imagine Rhino existing without the big horn in the center of his head. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 2, 2014.