Amazing Spider-Man Clip Sees Peter Impress The Lizard, Get Trash-Talked by Gwen


Okay, so this is one of my new favorite moments from Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie which (like The Avengers before it) seems as though 30 to 40 percent of it will be available online before it ever hits the theaters given how many clips they're making available. A gaggle of interns or potential interns is gathered before Dr Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who appears to be his star pupil or assistant. (That could explain why she's so determined to find the antidote in this other clip from earlier in the week.) When Dr. Connors' question stumps the room, it's only Peter Parker who has the answer--which prompts Gwen to introduce Parker to the good doctor in an unusual and entertaining way. It's a good sign from Stone, who's pretty impressive here, and for the script, which appears to have reinvented Gwen as an interesting and winning character tailored for the performer playing her. The Amazing Spider-Man comes out July 3.