Amazing Spider-Man Films Building to Sinister Six

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"Word from the shadows of Comic Con" is that by the time The Amazing Spider-Man 4 rolls around in 2018, Marc Webb's reinvention of the superhero franchise will have brought the Sinister Six to the big screen, according to Bleeding Cool. Which version of the team, which features a rotating cast of villains, is obviously not clear, although if future installments of the series do what The Amazing Spider-Man did and don't kill the villains, it seems most likely that someone will simply bring the existing villains (so far we've got The Lizard, The Rhino, Electro and a rumored Green Goblin) together. It's also widely expected that a future installment of the series will feature Kraven the Hunter, since he's been referenced in a number of interviews as a favorite villain of both director Webb and star Andrew Garfield. Venom is also a strong candidate, since the character is rumored to have his own film in development (although it's taken a second position to Fantastic Four, which filmmaker Josh Trank took on first).